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Unskilled Peasant

So we have laid the groundwork in previous editions of the Character Building Series of exactly who you were and are. These factors are important when exploring into exactly what makes your character yours. This brings us to Skills where we determine what your character does. These are what your character has talent for or has trained into making them who they are today.

So first and foremost you must realize that Skills are the interactive interface for you as the player. The skills list allows you to perform specific actions in the framework of a degrees of success table. This interface is vital to how your character will interact with the world around them. To better select skills I ask you to refer back to both character class and background. What would your character know how to do? What would they want to learn? Would they have a Craft skill? Or maybe they are an artist? Examining there track of development would help you select which skills are best for them.

Now I like to progress my skills based on what I completely sucked at during the last section of the adventure. If my character was being stuck in ALOT of sneaking scenarios I would want to put points into stealth and learn to sneak more effectively. Simulating the growth of my character as a person I would not put points into things that would never occur to my character. Why would I want to learn magic related skills if I am a barbarian? It just never set right with me to expand my character where they wouldn’t want to go.

I will admit this is a shorter post than most because I can not really go to in depth with skills without going system specific and in my attempt to keep it vague as can be I leave you with one more point. Skills DO NOT replace roleplay. Lets say we are playing DND 3.5 and someone rolls a Diplomacy check, I fully expect them to say something to companion it. I have been known to even ignore Nat 20s on Diplomacy if the player could not cough up a sentence at the minimum. Skills supplement involvement but can never replace the story telling aspects that make up our favorite RPGs. Remember that in the end, the game systems are simply world simulators. They attempt to mimic real world variables in number form but that is it. The story comes from you and the Game Master. Not the rulebooks piling up on the table.

So next week we are going over what DND calls Feats. These special innate talents that your character retains and harnesses through their young age.

Till then, Cheers!


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