Update on Podcast Progress!!

Captains Update Crew From The Captains Table

Hello there!

There has been alot of thought put in to how I want to relaunch the podcast. As said in some previous posts I want to change things up alittle and decided rather then just having me monologue all the time I would reformat the entire show into a discussion table. Which means the podcast that started it all, Originally named Aboard The Airship, is getting a complete re branding!!

I am proud to say that the remake of the podcast is now: “At the Captains Table”. I have been planning and discussing invitations with youtubers, bloggers, game designers, publishers and novelists on coming to the podcast to sit and discuss gaming. I want this to become a discussion group and I am not limiting it to just people who create content I would love to also invite you, other twitter, facebook and small time bloggers to come and join me to talk about what we love. Games.

Now staying in tune with the ideal running this ship we will be talking a lot about the thinking behind the game, why it was created and more importantly how it made a difference to the industry as a whole. We will be producing these every other Friday starting Feb 3rd.

I am super excited about this and welcome you to join me, at The Captains Table.