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Aboard The Airship Character Building Series!

This series is dedicated to one of the greatest arts in a gamer’s arsenal. Building a character! This will be a 9 (10 counting intro) article series spread over the course of the next few months going from the bare basics to the end of character creation. This will be broken down into 10 clean easy articles. I will not be using any specific game system to create this character, for we are creating it in concept, not in numbers!

So why captain? Why the sudden need for this? Well honestly I thought it would be a fun exploration to share with you, my crew! Everyone make characters differently. We all have our own shortcuts and methods of doing so and with every system comes a different challenge. In ATA’s Character Building Series we will follow my route of how to build a character!

1 Importance of Backstory – Discussion on why you want a thorough backstory.
2. On the topic of Race – Break down of why Race impacts your world view.
3. Classy, Arent ya! – Class discussion on what role you would fill and what your character would enjoy!
4. The unskilled peasant – Follow up with what skills you have. What are you good at?
5. Specail FEATures? – Feats, What makes your character stand out. This can be taken both literally and hypothetical!
6. Backstory Revising – Rewrap up who we have built.
7. Gear em Up lads! – Gear based on who we are, not what we need!
8. Personality to start – First impression discussion and a exploration on how it grows
9. Building from there! – Adapting the character through the adventure, moving with the story!

I will doing a majority of this from a DND perspective but these 9 steps can be applied into any game.

For a closer look at what this series will consist of join me on Friday for the Podcast discussion of this series!

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