Where has Howl been? Update on ATA.

Crew Reflection

Im Back!!!


Its been a long time my friends. After a prolonged period away from my blog I have finally returned after making some very interested friends. The most important one is EvilSqueegee (@evilsqueegee for you twitter folks). This man is one of the most enthusiastic DND streamers I have ever met and actually makes Roll20 look fun! Those that knew me before my encounter with NERD will know that I was very anti Roll20 to the point of even calling it “fake tabletop that lacked the flavor of real DND” but this man has changed my entire view of it to the point where I even ran a game on it!

Look mom! Its me!

One-Shot: Call of Cthulhu, part 1

OneShots: Call of Cthlulhu, Part 2


Lets just say I had an absolute blast with the #NERDHERD crew and made some very valuable friends. They have taught me alot about gaming and changed my entire paradigm on virtual table tops. Thats right, Howl is back and will be bringing around his own round of virtual tabletops!


This is the tentative posting schedule!

Sunday – No post made

Saturday – World Building Advice

Friday – Weekly Podcast will continue!

Thursday – No posts made

Wednesday – Reflection Update

Tuesday – Game Review Post

Monday – Reflection of the following week.


Keep an eye out for much more to come from Aboard The Airship and don’t forget to live the pirate way! Yo ho yo ho and a box full of games!