Spleen // Tearable Monsters

To start the kickstart I am backing this week is a game that only recently caught my attention called Spleen. What caught my eye on this project mainly is its artist style. The water colors mixed with story telling aspects make me long to immerse myself into the world. There is a level of connection here that many of us in the adult world will feel subconsciously. In the back of our brains as the daily grind and rat race continues we feel this lack of hope. As if we are losing who we were in our childhood. I feel like the story telling aspects and artistic style of this project will depict that which we adults can not speak of. I will personally be making a $20 pledge to this project and expect a future game review for when it is inevitably funded. Much love my friends! ❤

Tearable Monsters: Chain Devils

The second highlight of this post will be a patreon account (Link found at the bottom) of Tearable Monsters. The idea of paper miniatures always seemed funny to me and then I saw these unique creations. From the wide array available to the colorful style I have signed up for the $7 tier and will began using these in my games. It will take some time to construct but expect these at the end of may at the latest. Recommend everyone go check them out, maybe toss them a dollar! They really do deserve our loot.

As per usual these are shout outs, not reviews. Every Kickstart and Patreon will receive a review once I have tried or received the product! 🙂

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