Delving Into The Star Wars RPG By Fantasy Flight

My group, the Tuesday guys (images can be found on Instagram if you want em), just finished up their Pathfinder shinanigans with a total party kill. You can find the full story on that on a separate post. What matters is that now we are starting our Star Wars campaign.

The campaign is planned to be a mix between homebrew adventure goodness and some of the official modules. What does this mean for you? This means you will be getting Star Wars content. Be it Star Wars module reviews or just simply some expansion stuff I built for my game.

This also means you will have access to my notes once the campaign has reached completion. My players read the blog so gotta be secretive till then. So you can rip my adventures or simply steal my homebrew ships and weapons.

So here is the general thought of where we will be starting. The players are all criminals on some random planet in the outer rim. They have all committed some level of crime against the Empire and are now sentenced to work off what they owe. This, of course, is a life sentence of slave labor.

The player characters will be available with backstories included once we have them sorted on Saturday but to hold you over I will let you know that we are using all the books. All published Star Wars material for the Fantasy Flight Games series is allowed within the campaign. The catch? Force sensitivity is randomized so you don’t get to start that way. That and, no starting gear. Did I mention the prison planet?

It should be a fun time and I will be sure to let you all know how it goes. If you would rather hear be a bitch about… I mean talk about how the game went then feel free to listen to this week’s podcast! 🙂

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