DND Plans For The Semester, What Do I Have In Store For You And The Players?

There are currently two parties scheduled for next semester. We shall nickname them by the days, as I do, and simply call them Wednesday Group and Saturday Group. Each one is taking a different approach to the game so each will require special prep and unique adjustments.

Saturday will be a much more standard game running core material. There are a lot of the standard modules that will be used to try and give a “real” DND experience. They are much more standard players with a weak hold on backstory. So my articles covering them will usually be player and DM tips to help some ambitious players get started.

Wednesday is more advanced and will have some level of back story devlopment and a homebrew game. I do not personally like running modules for players who have already played through them. Ruins the surprise. I have been known to make an exception every so often but that is not this time.

You will be seeing homebrew DND content, some expansion rules by me and eventually a sample version of the adventure built for the Wednesday group. First-round is free everyone, after that, I think I will set up my Patreon and see if we can get any movement there.

So this is a short one, I’ll get you more info on an associated day about each group and such. There will be some free content coming out and it should be an all-around a great time! Only 2 groups this semester though, gotta keep it light. 🙂

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