Here Are My Thoughts On Dead By Daylight, And Yes I Play Meg

So let me start this out by explaining that I am in no way shape or form good at Dead by Daylight. I am a noob in all regards other than time so my understanding of perks and how they work is, well, questionable to say the least. That being said I am damn proud of my build, and if you don’t like it feel free to leave a hateful comment below insulting and reminding me that I am trash, a noob, or some other variant thereof.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get into my thoughts on the game. I am looking at it from a narrative perspective and a fun factor. There are some games in my collection that I LOVE but they are subpar on the whole narrative level. At the same time, some games are beautiful but fun factor falls flat making the game fairly shitty.

Not my Meme

My thinking starts with the time frame and idea about the game. It came out really fast after its competitor Friday the 13th. This game has a great dynamic between the killer and survivors that is hard to describe in words. What makes it even more interesting is the loose amount of lore that revolves around the character.

The officers and I have discussed in detail exactly what the entity is but no official explanation has been agreed upon. If you by any chance know, dear crewmates, feel free to leave a comment below.

What I find interesting is the concept of the trials. These killers are summoned from their varying realities to hunt this specific group of people. No major explanation is given as to why they are in the trials other then they are just bad people in general. Did something wrong or made some kind of mistake.

The killers used to be almost canonical but the more modern rendition of the game has killers from so many different places that is more like.. randomized? Less narrative more fun factor and don’t get me wrong this game is super fun with friends.

Solo play is a little lacking, playing as the killer is entertaining but not this captain’s cup of tea. I do get a kick out of playing with the officers and crew every so often.

I usually end up running a Meg with Adrenaline, Slippery Meat, Borrowed Time, and Sprint Burst. I keep the Sprint Burst for much needed running while the Slipper Meat just makes me smile. Borrowed Time is great for team play and the crew appreciates when I can effectivly free them from hooks.

As for Adrenaline I keep it around simply because it has saved my ass more than once. Just a good basic perk to keep around in my opinion. That all being said though this is just how I like to play. I find that the ability to customize your character and make it yours while still keeping it fair and predictable is a great development in this game.

I will write more about Dead by Daylight later, maybe even stream some of it. Who knows. You can find our streams on Mixer at

Feel free to comment some thoughts below or watch next time we boot that stream back up.

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