Where Has Howl Been?

I have a really bad habit of appearing, disappearing, and then reappearing out the blue. This is something I have tired to work on but it gets more and more difficult. Simply put, I have been moving. It has been a rough 3 months since my last post as I had to be moved from one place to another. I would give you the boring details but eh, important thing to know is i’m back!

That being said we are going all in this time. This means alot more then one post a day and fuck the coordinated schedule. Some things are changing, others are staying, you will know when it happens.

So lets start with what is staying the same. Friday will continue to be Podcast day and instead of RELAUNCHING we are just starting where we left off. A 3 month hiatus is not a bad thing. This does mean the podcast will be weekly at 1 hour in length at most, 20 minutes minimum.

We are also going to start streaming. I say we as in me and some other members of the crew depending on what we are playing. The streams will be broken down into two main categories: Interactive and Non-Interactive. I fully believe that sometimes we should just enjoy a game together and enjoy the narrative. Other times it is fair game to laugh and make fun of some ridiculous titles and, well, talk to you lot about it.

What is leaving? Well for starters the fucking schedule is going out the window. We are going to put out ALOT more content and this means that more non-gaming related things will be slipping in including movie reviews, recipes (which is sorta game related?), Drink mixes and some more exciting content.

How many posts can you expect everyday? If things go the way I think they should, 4 minimum. Max? I dont know, whatever I fucking feel like?

That is all I have for you for right now, Hopefully we are here to say but hey, life happens.

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