So It Seems That I Will Be Running GURPS

After some consideration and being reminded of a promise I forgot it has been decided that I will be running GURPs. This is a great thing for the crew as it means free content for you. I will post not only my adventure (if it turns out well) but also custom homebrew content I create for the game.

If your not familiar with GURPs the acronym stands for General Universal Roleplay System. The idea is that someone running this game could, theoretically, run anything. Any world, any idea, any campaign the system is supposed to fit it. So after being fed up with trying to run a long term Call of Cthulhu game I switched that group over to GURPS.

So the plan? Whelp I am going to convert A LOT of the Cthulhu monsters to GURPs on my own. I know there is a preset book for it somewhere but eh, I wanna do it. Along with these items, relics, and special homebrew monsters will be published here. For your use, all you gotta do is like and follow.

So keep your eye out as more details and content is released. Comment below if anything in particular should be statted and I willl keep it in mind.

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