Kittens And Caverns, A DND Module Where You Play As Cats

So I posted an article up two days ago and an interesting reply was given to it. Dungeon Master Forge replied, probably based on the picture I used in the feature image rather than the article itself, with a small Cat Wrangler scenario:

I laughed at the reply but then I thought to myself what if we played as cats in DND? I know there is a stat block hiding somewhere for a feline character. If I tossed a little homebrew into it, a tiny collection of items, and a short adventure in a 1-Short style this could really be a thing.

So devlopment has begun for Kittens and Caverns, the DND expansion you did not know you needed. I will be toiling away and updating you on my progress so you can run your own cat adventures. This will not be anthropomorphic cats, no bipedal cats, I am styling this after the Warrior Cat book series that I loved so much in my younger years.

So hand tight crew, we are sailing to the island of cat adventures. All you will need to play is the core DND Player Handbook and a light understanding of the Dungeon Master Guide. All the extra homebrew work will be done by me and given away free, here, on the blog. If this turns into a bigger endeavor we may even put it up on the DM Guild, who knows.

If you have any thoughts on how this should be developed let me know, otherwise I will take my own tone and see this through to how I envision Cats in a DND setting.

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