Kittens And Caverns Is Well Into First Draft, Hit A Few Bumps But Still Seems Very Possible

So as the title says Kittens and Caverns is nearing the end of the first draft stage. I work fast, and this is already looking really good. I will be drafting 1-2 proofreaders for rules and maybe a playtest group or two looking for some feline fun.

If this is something you are interested in feel free to shout at me on Twitter (@HowlPhilinish) or comment below this post. I’ll get in touch with you and see about sending you a copy of this work.

So without further waiting, here is what I am thinking and here is what I have not solved yet.

So starting from the top, I really had to think about base stats. For these cats to be believable and compatible with a full DND part of normal races I had to think of how to balance things out. This goes much further than simply a cat based party as I want my hard work to be used in more than simple one-shots upon occasion.

The general Idea I am running with is like the Pet Avengers so these animal-based characters really need to have more believable stats while still able to wield fantastical powers. We start with the bones here and well, Normal cat stats are not exactly fantastical.

STR 3 (-4) DEX 15 (+2) CON 10 (+0) INT 3 (-4) WIS 12 (+1) CHA 7 (-2)

I did the math and point-buy wise I ended up roughly 13 points below what a standard character would have access to. So, what do I do with these extra points? That is where Racial Bonuses are going to come in.

I love cats, that should be fairly obvious from this project as a whole, and because I love cats I want to diversify my set by getting down to breed specifics. When I was a tad bit younger I was a big fan of the Warrior Cats series of books by Erin Hunter.

Thinking about this I remembered each clan of cats had its own unique abilities and style about them. So for this, I decided to make each breed of cat (sticking with only a set few breeds) to be generally different stat-wise. Some cats that are smarter breed wise will get an INT bump where others who are more stocky get some CON and STR.

So as of now, I have outlined a lot of what is to come Racially and Class wise based on this number bumping up and down. The Classes will be saved for another post of course but now you at least have an idea of where my mind is at.

As for the bumps, Equipment is a bit odd and I am still working out how Cats would use spellcasting. I am looking into alternative rulings as well as consulting some of my DM friends but if any of you have a recommendation I would love to hear it.

That is all for this update, feel free to comment below on what you might want to see in the future. As always follow me on Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram for images and memes of DND and of course my rambling articles.

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