Realms Of Teldore, Saturday DND Recaps, Content, And Maybe Even An Adventure Or Two

So it is finally time for me to share Teldore with you. I have been working on this world, all variations of it as you will eventually learn, since 2011. This was the first world I ever ran in DND and after years of keeping it hidden, it is time for it to see the light.

This will mean that content including Homebrew Monsters, Races, Classes, Rules, and much more will become available on the blog in short bursts. I plan to eventually release an entire sourcebook for my world but for now, I thought I would share some of my hard work on here. It is important to note that you will see copyright at the bottom of all content posts reserving my work so steal it at your own risk.

Short Stories will also appear every so often and of course, you will receive full details of the DND adventure recaps. They will be written in a different way than my Star Wars recaps which will become quickly evident.

So a little about the world. It is a fantasy world that has a good dose of SteamPunk themes mixed in. I like to think of it as an industrial age world that has magic, dragons, and a unique mix of humor scattered about. There is heavy influences from Skyrim, Discworld, JourneyQuest, Slayers, and several other fantasy worlds. It is not a copy, the lore is mine and everything is a little shuffled around but you will see some similarities in scattered aspects of the game.

Teldore is the South-West country ran by the two sons of a dead king. Each son runs half the empire and they have been in a cold war since the passing of their father. Each has their own ambitions and as they continue to war over the small amount of land they call their own it is quickly evident that the rest of the world is still turning.

They are divided from the rest of the continent by a large mountain range known as The Ancient’s Wall in which lives a secluded hermit-like group of dwarves who have been residents of this world since creation itself. Reasons for that will continue to remain a mystery due to players in my game who read this blog.

The continent is called Eosis and is a huge Pangea-like supercontinent. There are lots of different species on the planet and a literal world to explore. The planet is called Alm and revolves around two-star system. I will explain the science, or fake science at least, of how that all works in a later post.

The most shining factor of the game is the powerful impact of the Sea Dwarves who ride the rip currents of the coast. They have their own culture, own world as they are the only race currently known that travels to the deep sea. There are many mysteries within the world of Eosis and hopefully, you will discover them as the Players do.

So welcome along on the journey across the world of Alm and deep into the continent’s inner lore and cultures.

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