The Random Silence And What I Was Doing The Last Few Days

For once I did not simply disappear with no one to hear from me. If I am being honest I hyperfocused on a couple new projects that you will see details on throughout today. Next time this happens you will not even know I am gone, spent a bit of time and stockpiled some extra posts just in case.

Kittens and Caverns is the main project. In true pirate cat style, I am making a DND Sourcebook and One-Shot Module experience where you play as Cats. Now it is important to know I am not saying you play as a Cat race, I meant literal cats in Forgotten Realms. You can think of it similar to the Pet Avengers if they took place in a DND world.

The other project is something only a few have heard me discuss, the legendary world of Teldore. There have been some edits but I think I am ready to start sharing the world with others. Slowly I will release bits of information, some sourcebook pages, and maybe even Short Stories about the world of Teldore. Now, what is Teldore? Well, its one of my most long worked on DND homebrew campaign projects. I have a novel written in the world going through the editing process and I want to share some bits of lore with people who will appreciate it.

So I have been busy with some projects but hey, at least that means some free stuff for you!

Now it is time for me to bury myself in work again. I will speak to you all soon. For those who are new, welcome to the crew, for those who have been around: Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship!

Sincerely Your Captain,

Howl Philinish

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