I Love Doctor Mario But… Fuck This New Phone Game

I must start this post by explaining that I am a major fan of the main Doctor Mario as a series. I have loved the original, the remakes, and the character in Smash. I love the idea of Doctor Mario and the strategy of the original game is more my style then Tetris is.

So when I heard they were releasing a brand new phone game as the next edition in the series I was so excited. I counted down the days and then downloaded it. Played it over and over and, well, fuck this game.

First of all, this is not Doctor Mario. It is some mobile rip-off hoping that real fans would not notice that the pills are going UP not DOWN. Mix that with the obvious phone game mechanics like special powerups, microtransactions, extra abilities, and let us not forget that the pills go UP you get a mess that resembles my beloved franchise but is nowhere close to the original concept.

Yes, I know, they kept the match 3 system and you are still curing diseases but really? You had to make it a MOBILE title in all aspects? If you had kept it like the others, just given us a new adventure, maybe some new colors to work with… Hell I can even live with the character abilities but this is so blatantly a money grab that I am angered to even call it a part of the series.

I might as well play Candy Crush or any of those other overly advertised sellout products because it will require a similar level of strategy and skill. I understand you want to appeal to a mass audience but destroying a perfectly good game to do that is not the way Nintendo. Look at what Tetris has done, even in their sellout modes like Tetris 99 they still keep true to what they know.

Their mobile Tetris games are still TETRIS. I am ashamed to call this a Doctor Mario game and if Nintendo keeps heading this direction with their mobile releases we really wont get a good taste of what mobile gaming could be. Journey, Hearthstone, and even Final Fantasy all have great mobile titles without killing their games. Nintendo you can figure this out, it is not about the money anymore… It is about making something you can be proud to call your own.

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