Finally Got My Paws On Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild And Here Are My Thoughts

I was a doubter at first. As a long time fan of the series, I have loved Legend of Zelda since I was small. The formula was the same, everything was easy to discover and even the secrets were right in front of you if you knew where to look. I can proudly say I have played Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time 12 times all the way through. Every heart container, every mask, everything had to be done.

So when I started up Breath of the Wild and found a whole new formula in the works I was skeptical, to say the least. After a full week of playing it, I must say I was wrong. This new reimagination of my beloved series is a turn for something better and not the end of all things Zelda.

So we are going to start with what I like rather than just digging into my many minor criticisms of the game. The world is beautiful. I have spent longer then I want to admit just admiring the countryside and trying to set up pictures for my tablet. From the colors to the warmth, and the fact that it still retains a cartoon quality that I fell in love with back in Windwaker. It is a truly gorgeous world.

The combat is fluid, it feels great on the Switch and in general, the game flows well. I thought travel would be a struggle but once I obtained a horse traveling became immensely easier. The vast distances between points were stabilized, it felt like trying to walk across Skyrim before.

I think that what I love most of all though is the massive size of the world itself. It is Hyrule but at the same time, the size of it makes it feel different. If it were not for Death Mountain in the distance then I would not have been able to coordinate myself and know where things were based on the standard shape of Hyrule from previous games.

Sadly not all is well in the land… Calamity Ganon? I love the thought but the execution story-wise felt odd. I mean, it has long been understood that Ganon is one of the few male Gerudo, to make him this great calamity is a little strange. I get it on some levels but it felt like a stretch compared to what I have always known.

There was also this matter about the tablet they give you. The technology although cool seems really out of place to the greater scheme of the world. They made it work, strangely, but even then the digital feel makes it less of a fantasy magic technology and more of a literal tablet.

The last complaint I think I have on it, for now at least, is those motion puzzles. Although I do enjoy the concept, it is a really neat idea, the execution is horrid. I feel like there were much better ways to make the puzzles work without having to flip my Switch every direction.

I have not finished this game as of yet but I think it will be a wonderful experience in the end. The things I like I love and the small details that irritate me are not big enough to impact my experience.

I will do a formal game review once the game is completed but for now, things are going well.

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