Let’s Get Some MTG Content On Here, I Am Really Excited About This Next Set

For those that don’t know I am a fan of Magic: The Gathering. It is the only card game I keep up with enough to actually play. I collect Pokemon cards, some Yu-Gi-Oh… Got really into Key Forge when it originally launched, but the only card game I can say I play is Magic: The Gathering.

That being said, my Paper decks are mostly Commander, or EDH as I prefer to call them, although I am really interested in this new Brawl format coming out. There was a time I was a Judge, right now I think I am a “Rule Advisor” for what it is worth.

With this new set coming out, and my weekly attendance at Drafts, there is really no reason for me to not bring my decks to this blog. So here is my thinking: Lets post up some deck lists, get roasted by the internet, improve the deck list, and maybe stream them on MTGO and MTGA depending on where I have cards.

I think some card analysis might look good as well, will have to draft some crew to discuss but still could be nice.

Just a thought

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