Life Happens, And To Howl, Life Happens A Lot

Hello Crew and Friends,

Just a small update, although the posts have stopped the work has not. Kittens and Caverns are well on their way along with aocuple extra project. This week the adventure recaps/shortstories are queued in our brand new scheduler AND maybe a secret project if I can get it working.

I will keep everyone up to date as I continue to progress, no crewmate left behind. Sorry for any delays that have occured thus far.

In other news thanks to a good friend of me and this blog Zork (Links will be in a dedicated post) I now have a good sized Rig. This means that I can start moving forward with my Youtube initative and enter the digital world of video creation. This also dawns the reboot of the podcast as technology has once again made it availiable to my creation.

Till next post,

Your Captain – Howl Philinish

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