Howls Holiday Endeavors, Minor Housekeeping For ATA

Winter was, in short, crazy. From going on a cruise to the move in of a pet and working to keep the lights on life becomes hectic fast. That is why the posts stopped, so that ATA can get ahead of the choas and birth into a new form. Like a butterfly birthing out of a cacoon we will take flight into the new year, and as the cool kids are saying, roll with advantage in 2020.

Prior to chaos there was a video posted on Youtube promising a “Christmas Campaign Building Series.” Good news is that will still be happening, bad news is that it wont be Christmas. I prepped 2 episodes into the series and realized I would not have time to finish, so rather then leaving it half done I stopped before I began.

With this posts a new rotation of content is coming out. Some of it will be fresh, relevant, and new.. others will be prescheduled a month in advanced. It should be set up to shuffle everything together into one streamless content feed giving you my opinion, thoughts, and strategies on the daily.

The Podcast will be returning for its first season with more guest speakers and excitement then ever before. There is a ton in the works and most of it is already prescheduled.

As we set sail into the unknown, let that which was once obscure be clarifyed and let myth birth into the dreams of reality.

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