A Recent Dive Into Star Wars Has Got Me Thinking About The Force

With the recent movie coming out I have done a ton of thinking about the Star Wars universe. I am not the only one as my group has expressed increasing interest in their Star Wars Campaign.

The Tuesday group had taken a break for awhile to try and confront Stradh in DND, leaving me tons of time to plot their upcoming Star Wars campaign. So here I am, surrounded by Star Wars books, plotting the upcoming Space Epic for my players.

I have, in the past month, watched all the Star Wars movies and am now halfway through the Clone Wars Series. I have come to a set of conclusions which in my upcoming Star Wars campaigns I am considering universal truths. At least in my homebrew world.

Truth 1: All Players/Main Cast Are Force Sensitive

This is true to some degree. From Han Solo’s unique ability to get out of danger to the literal use of the force from Luke Skywalker. The Jedi are the ones with extra aptitude that apply their training to the Force itself.

Truth 2: There Are Always An Equal Amount Of Sith And Jedi, Balance Exists.

Although it is said by Yoda that the Sith always come in two, we know that in canon they exists in larger numbers. I would go so far to say that in the effort of balance every Jedi births a new Sith. Whether or not they pursue the force is irrelevant, the ability to be a Sith is there.

Truth 3: The Jedi Order Still Exists

Despite Order 66 there is no way that an organization that large and that powerful simply falls. Although their ranks diminish I imagine that many of the Jedi Order are simply hiding keeping safe the knowledge until they deem it safe to re-emerge into the galaxy.

If this project keeps progressing the way it has been then you will be hearing about it agian. It is intended to be finished later this year and released for free as either an adventure or a book of assets… We will see what happens when we get there.

More later as I further think out exactly what will happen in this campaign.

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