Board of Boring Board Games? Howls Personal 3 Favorites

I am a big fan of board games in general but there are several that I return to time and time again for my own enjoyment. Here is a short list of games that I find myself playing whenever I have crew over.

red dragon inn board games

Red Dragon Inn

Whether you have just finished a long DND session o have gathered a group of friends to hand out Red Dragon Inn is a perfect on the spot board game. It is easy to teach, easy to learn, and moves fast enough to keep everyone interested. I like to bust this one out over a few beers, some tavern music, and maybe a basket of homemade fries.

Number one thing I hear EVERY TIME I bring this game out is “Wouldnt this make a great drinking game?” The answer is no, no it would not. You drink EVERY TURN, good way to die maybe but not a great drinking game. That being said, it is a game that is good with drinks so… keep that in mind.

Zombie Dice

Once again easy to teach and to the point. I like to use Zombie Dice to convert non gamers to the dark side. You like Yatzhee? Same game, but with zombies! Well, sorta…. Simplicity makes it enjoyable and randomization replayable. Take note board game developers, simple is better in a ton of cases!!


Takes FOREVER to ge through but damn it is a good quest. This is the game I bust out for, like, Thanksgiving or long social gatherings. Want to waste an entire day searching for an artifact? Dont want to DM that day? Talisman! I love the simplicity of the game mixed with the length of the adventure. A good quest leaves you exhausted, and this game meets that goal.

Go on an epic quest with your friends and family. Fight the enemy, each other, and sometime yourself as you battle for the Talisman!

So those are some of my favorites. If you have a favorite game and want my Howlfessional opinion on it let me know in the comments below! I will see you all tomorrow with more strange, yet relevant, content!


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