A Quick Adventure In Building A World Together

I have no idea if this will become a series, or if this is even something the crew wants. The other day I was sitting around and I thought to myself: “What makes Matt Mercer’s world so great that it got published?” It was not until I asked this question that it occured to me. Two major things impact the success of that world. The first, is the DND show that takes place in it. The second, is that it is something fresh, neat, and powerful. Matt Mercer takes full advantage of Homebrew, and takes the work away from the DM.

So after some careful thought, tinkering, and bullshitting I have decided that the blog would be a great place to build a world together. We can talk about philosophy, drama, lore… Ill add some cool stuff, you add some cool stuff, it will be a blast.

So thats what this is, this is where we are going:

Every good world starts with two things, a map and a pantheon. So I am going to provide the map, and then together we can start crafting the pantheon, god by god. It is important to note that you are free to steal from this for your own homebrew game, but none of this is to be published under personal blogs. See disclaimer at the bottom of each post for more information.

So for our world map we are going to start with something simple. If we do this again, maybe we draw together, but for this I am just going to use this: https://donjon.bin.sh/fantasy/world/

As for my details.. I am rolling some D10s to randomize it abit.. Our world will be: 53% water 23% ice.. Then we just hit GO and.. Well.. it creates a map for us. This will be the starting platform for the world we have created. What makes this really neat is that it pops out some city names (which will inevitably be changed) alongside some interesting locations.

We have what appears to be one major continent with a large island set off the coast. Most of the top and bottom of the world are covered with ice which immediatly makes me want to say that this land is slowly thawing from a massive Ice-Age.

Here is the list of weird locations it spit out at me:

Aceyn Tower2151
Arphenson’s Delve8558
Bowe Castle6922
Burney Keep5466
Erfalls Keep11335
Henuty Keep7929
Mutli Castle11233
Nesav Tower168
Rayte Castle2934
The Citadel of Nevel the Betrayer8129
The Citadel of the Demon Duchess8523
The Fortress of Sumanni17932
The Tower of Abutam the Bloody2760
The Tower of the Lich Duke5915
Wafalls Keep3069
Woheath Castle5240
Woominster Tower16156
Batun, City of the Old Ones6162
Cabrycg, City of the Veil of Shadows8143
Craburh, City of the First Light14355
Cuheath, City of the Golden Dragon5519
Doladhomb, the City of Seven Roads7826
Gathurukth, the City of Markets10863
Haburh, the City of Rings16069
Ingbluff, City of the True Name6349
Keheath, City of the Curse5562
Londe, City of the Spectral Guard17033
Maham, the Spider’s Web17530
Negrione, the Throne of the Gods17827
Rhepston, City of the Veil of Shadows7622
Sebluff, the City of Palaces14076
The Astral Port of Enmaen7420
The Great City of Llaisy7818
The Honorable City of Braford9529
The Majestic City of Kelu3839
The Mystical City of Vina4339
The Sentinel City of Atyr17917
Tone, City of the Dark Crystal11129
The Bastion of Nabiesu5167
The Black Warrens of Necromancy3821
The Catacombs of Elemental Doom6744
The Monastery of Destruction15962
The Shrine of Pain3548
The Tomb of Horrors6232
The ruins of Barad Mata9945
The ruins of Caer Vica14062
The ruins of Castle Ravenloft10437

Now the only step will be to name the world, and then start building up the inner-map of our massive land.

Feel free to comment below for the name you would want for this land! I will be publishing the next chapter in this series next Wednesday creating a weekly world-building adventure.

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