A Project Reawakens?

It has been 3 years since I hung up my cape and sheathed my sword. However, in that time I have gained skills, knowledge, and more to create this project into the world I want it to be. This is the first post, text, word, or thought that pushes our world forward and reintroduces this project back to being what I always believed it could be.

Aboard the Airship was born from a dream. When I was in Highschool it was a joke, College a hobby, and now that I look to the future I see it as a true beacon in an desolate RPG Universe. Video Games, Board Games, TTRPGs or Card Games. Howl is ready to go back and revisit what made this project great, and what ATA always could be.

Differences this time:

  • My writing has improved
  • I understand marketing more
  • I have the time to fully address what ATA can be.

So join me, new and old crewmates alike. As we sail the narratives like waves are once again hang the flag high with ATA.

Your Captain,


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