Playing With Paper With Tearable Monsters FT. Tearable Monsters This week I bring you a chat between me and my good friend PR. He brings us his product, Tearable Monsters, which are paper miniatures and terrain meant to spruce up your game. "" Links For Tearable Monsters: Tearable Monsters T-Shirts: Promo Code: AIRSHIP Twitter Creator Shoutouts: @trashmobminis @Kevslounge @okumarts @PaperMageCrafts @DecapitatedMrkr... Continue Reading →

Toxic Culture In Gaming, An Overview – Episode 3 Thought I would do a cultural overview of gaming and toxic players. Did not want to go into detail, told a few stories. Stay tuned as next week we bring in our very first guest and turn this monologue, into a dialogue. Twitter: @HowlPhilinish Facebook: Podcast: Music Credit: Crusade - Heavy... Continue Reading →

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